Provide Complete Solutions
Adrian Steel of Canada is the one stop-shopping place for customization of your work vehicle providing everything from ladder racks and partitions to back up alarms and strobe lights.

Expert Installation
Our professionally trained and certified installers follow our Engineering procedures and Computer Aided Designs to ensure the best installs in the industry. 

All our installations comply with Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (C.M.V.S.S.) and Canadian Occupational Safety and health Regulations (C.O.S.H) to ensure you work and travel with peace of mind. 

Adrian Steel Company warrants its service van interiors and pick up equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service for a period of three years or 60,000 kilometers, whichever first occurs, after the date of delivery to the original retail purchaser, when installed by an authorized Adrian Steel Company distributor. Products purchased over-the-counter and not installed by authorized distributors will be warranted for a period of twelve months from the time of customer purchase.

The Pool Stock Advantage
Numerous times during the year clients call requiring an additional vehicle for various reasons - new hires, accident replacement, special purposes, etc. Adrian Steel of Canada is the only Canadian modifier with Ford and General Motors vehicles on the ground ready for expedited insertion into the market. No need to search the country looking for an appropriate option. Adrian Steel of Canada probably has it or can get it in a hurry.

Our entire structure is designed to maximize action and minimize downtime. In-house electronic design, computerized quoting, electronic information systems allow us to deliver complete and comprehensive answers.

While our clients have specific needs in terms of vehicle/operator function, occupant safety is paramount. At Adrian Steel of Canada we are preoccupied with designing and installing modifications that satisfy all the storage and functional requirement without compromising occupant safety. Because of this approach, attention to detail and engineering expertise, we have earned "Ship-thru" status from all three major manufacturers. We have direct access to their engineering departments that are responsible for vehicle modification.

In addition, we also enjoy the coveted Modified Vehicle Engineering approval from the Ford Motor Company as well as certification by the Canadian Government under the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards plus we meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards requirements for the United States.